Fisher Chaput

Fisher Chaput
Veterinarian Assistant

Starting from a young age, Fisher had always been around animals. His parents and family taught him that animals have feelings. This helped to foster a love of animals and caring for them. During a vet visit with his dog, he was able to help comfort his dog while a technician was talking blood. Seeing what the technicians do and how they care for the animals that they treat helped to reinforce his desire to a part of the veterinary medicine field. 

Fisher was born and raised in Winnipeg. He has had 6 dogs and cats, a gecko and even had chickens at one point. Fisher started volunteering at Sage Creek Animal Hospital in the spring of 2018 and started working as a veterinary assistant in 2019. He has always believed that animals deserve more than we give them, and this helped him find his passion as a veterinary professional. In January 2019, Fisher went abroad for a veterinary study program in Thailand. During this program, he was part of a small group of students that were given the opportunity to participate in elephant surgeries. He learned how to treat elephant wounds and how to complete health checks. 

Fisher is currently studying at University of Manitoba and is planning on going to Saskatoon to get his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He lives in Winnipeg and has a cat named Ashes. She is full of personality and enjoys stealing your warmth while cuddling. Fisher enjoys fixing cars, riding motorcycles and spending time outdoors. 


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