Sage Creek Animal Hospital-Serving St. Vital, Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas!

As a pet owner, you want to do everything you can to ensure your pet has a happy and full life. Visiting the vet regularly is one of the best things you can do to help keep your pet healthy. Here at Sage Creek Animal Hospital, serving St. Vital, Winnipeg and surrounding areas, we would love to help you with all of your pet care needs. We offer many services to help ensure your pet gets the care he or she needs throughout the course of their life. Here are some of the services that our veterinarian office has to offer. 

Sage Creek Animal Hospital-Serving St. Vital, Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas!

Wellness Care

It is recommended that your pet see a vet at least one time per year, even if you think that your pet is healthy. During an annual wellness visit, a vet can ensure that your pet is healthy by checking their weight, examining them and discussing their behavior with you. This is a good opportunity to bring up any concerns with the vet that you may have. 


Vaccinations help to keep your pet healthy. They help to prevent issues that can make your pet very sick or even cause death. 


It is highly recommended that every pet is microchipped. Microchipping helps identify your pet in case they ever get lost or escape from you. If someone finds your pet, a vet or shelter can scan your pet for a microchip. When one pops up, the scanner can input the number into a system and receive your name, phone number and address. 


We perform surgeries on-site. Whether your pet needs to be spayed or neutered or needs emergency surgery to correct a major problem, we can treat your pet in-house. 

Dental Exam

Your pet's teeth are important to their health. We perform dental exams and dental procedures. This helps prevent major dental problems that can make your pet uncomfortable or harm their quality of life. 


Our vet clinic offers laboratory services. We can take blood, urine or feces and conduct tests on these samples to obtain the information we need about your pet. 


Lastly, when your pet is at the end of their life, we offer euthanasia services. We know this can be hard on any pet owner, so we strive to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible and that you know your pet is in loving, caring hands. 

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Sage Creek Animal Hospital offers the services that your pet needs in order to stay healthy and live a full and healthy life. When you are looking for a Winnipeg Veterinarian, turn to us. Call us at (204) 255-1150 to schedule your appointment today. 


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