Critical Care

The field of medicine is broad both when dealing with people and animals. For those who own a pet, some responsibilities come with this. It means making sure that your pets are healthy, taking them to their various appointments, and ensuring that they have all of their shots. On the other hand, even with the best of intentions and the most responsible owners, pets can still get sick. These illnesses and injuries take many forms. One example of a serious field of veterinary medicine is called critical care. The team at Sage Creek Animal Hospital serving St. Vital, Winnipeg, and surrounding areas is here to educate everyone on what a critical care veterinarian does.


The Intensive Care Unit: Critical Care

When a pet needs critical care, this constitutes an emergency. The critical unit is also called the intensive care unit, shortened to ICU. This is the place where animals go if they need to be monitored more closely, with their vital signs (such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation levels) being checked more often. One of the most common reasons why pets need to stay in the critical care unit is the ingestion of a poisonous substance. Another common reason is recovery from surgery.

Recovering from an ICU Stay

Because pets who need to visit the ICU are often very ill, it can take a while to recover. Pets might be staying in the ICU for several days and nights. Afterward, it takes a pet a while to recover from whatever put them there. During this time, pets have several visits to the vet to make sure that they are recovering appropriately. This also gives families the chance to ask questions about how the recovery process is going. We want to make sure that families know what to expect once their furry friend is released from the ICU.

Trust the Team Sage Creek Animal Hospital for All Emergency Issues

We know that the prospect of having a loved one who is critically ill is scary. We want everyone to know that we will take great care of every pet who walks through our doors and do everything we can to help them recover. With this goal in mind, we also want to encourage anyone in the Winnipeg, St. Vital, and surrounding areas to call Sage Creek Animal Hospital with any questions or concerns. We want to make sure that our families understand what we do in our hospital. Please call us today to make an appointment. Dial 204-272-8141. 


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