Banishing Pet Odors From Your Home—For Good

No one wants to have their home smelling too much like their pet—that’s especially true if you have guests coming over for holiday celebrations! Use these tips from a Winnipeg, Manitoba veterinarian to banish pet odors from your home for good.

Check the Hotspots

First things first—check out some key areas that tend to accumulate odors. The litterbox is an obvious one; clean it on a regular basis to keep things smelling fresh. Toss your pet’s bedding in the washing machine every now and then, as pets spend a lot of time there and can smell up beds quite easily. You can even wash your pet’s toys using soap and hot water.

Grooming Your Pet

Combat the odor problem at the source: your animal companion. Grooming them on a regular basis can make a huge difference when it comes to smells! Brush your pet regularly, as this removes grime from the coat and traps loose fur in your brush, preventing hair and dander from getting all over your home.

The occasional bath is another great way to keep your pet—and therefore your home—smelling great. Always use a canine- or feline-formulated shampoo, and don’t bathe too frequently. This can dry out your pet’s skin, resulting in a coarse, dull coat and an increase in shedding!

Cleaning Tips

There’s just no way around regular cleaning. Vacuum carpets and furniture, and dust on a weekly basis. Don’t forget about areas like blinds, shelving, and windowsills where pet hair and dander might collect unnoticed.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners will make your home smell better for a time, but they’re simply masking odors and will allow them to return eventually. Odor neutralizers are a better choice; these combat the enzymes that cause bad odors at the root, eliminating them for good. There are odor and stain products for every imaginable pet mess, including urine, feces, and vomit. Browse the selection at your local pet supply store, and ask your vet for a recommendation.

See Your Veterinarian

Can’t seem to get your pet’s odor under control? Has your pet suddenly developed a bad odor when it wasn’t there before? It’s time to see the vet. A variety of medical issues—skin infection, parasites, disease, and more—could be the cause! You’ll want to have your pet examined quickly before things get worse.

To schedule an appointment, call your Winnipeg, Manitoba vet clinic.

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