Senior Dog Care

Have you recently noticed grey around your dog’s muzzle? It can be a shock to realize that your canine pal is slowing down. As Fido ages, he’ll still be the adorable, lovable pet as always, but his needs will change a bit. A local Winnipeg, Manitoba vet offers tips on senior dog care below.


Some of our furry buddies get a bit pudgy in their golden years, in part because they aren’t burning as many calories running and playing as they used to. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice, including serving sizes and suitable snacks. You may also want to get Fido some raised dishes: these are easier for older dogs to eat from than bowls on the floor.


It’s normal for dogs to slow down in their golden years. However, don’t let Fido become a couch potato. Your pooch will still need some form of activity to keep his muscles and bones strong, even if it’s just a short stroll.


Make sure to keep Fido’s nails trimmed. Overgrown claws are very uncomfortable for dogs. Fido may adjust his stride to compensate, which will put additional stress on his bones and joints.


One of the best ways to pamper your loyal furry friend is to make sure he has a comfy bed. We recommend orthopedic beds for older pups, because of the extra support they offer.

Pet Ramps

It isn’t uncommon for senior dogs to develop arthritis and/or hip dysplasia. This can affect their mobility, and make it hard for them to do things like climbing stairs and getting in and out of cars. Pet ramps or stairs will make it easier for Fido to get around.

Doggy Comforts

Fido won’t be as hardy as he once was. Extreme temperatures, for instance, will take a much greater toll on him than they used to. Keep your pooch comfy in climate-controlled rooms when it’s hot or cold out. Keeping up with your pet’s veterinary care needs is also very important. Ask your vet for more information.


Dogs often develop a very sweet nature in their golden years. Enjoy this special time with your furry best friend, and pamper him a bit. Pay lots of attention to Fido to keep that cute tail wagging!

Please contact us, your Winnipeg, Manitoba vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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